Catherine Bowler, Science & Engineering Assessment, Massachusetts Department of Education

Pete Goldschmidt, CSU-Northridge (formerly New Mexico State Assessment Director)

Brian Gong, Executive Director, Center for Assessment, Dover, NH

Robin Hill, Mathematics, Kentucky Department of Education

Tammy Howard, State Accountability Services Director, North Carolina

Peter McLaren, State Science Specialist, Achieve, Inc. (formerly Rhode Island)

Hillary Michaels, HumRRO, Education Research & Evaluation, Alexandria, VA

Jessica Mislevy, Education Research Scientist, SRI International

Brett Moulding, Science Education Professional Development Director, Utah

Tiffany Neill, Science Education Specialist, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Scott Norton, CCSSO Strategic Initiative Director for Standards, Assessment, & Accountability

Cinda Parton, Assessment Specialist, Washington State Office of Education

Jim Pellegrino, University of Illinois at Chicago, Learning Sciences Institute

William Schmidt, Center for the Study of Curriculum, Michigan State University

Ellen Whitesides, Mathematics Educator & Math SCASS, Washington, DC