​State specialists reported on the percentage of assessment points for six selected topics from the high school CCSS-M plus one state topic. The data were reported for one high school comprehensive assessment or end of course assessment that was completed by the most students. States with computer-adaptive testing systems reported a percentage range of points per topic considering how the testing proceeded for different students.

High School Mathematics Topics Assessed by Percentage of Assessment Points, 2017-18

Across the reporting states, three topics were consistently assessed: applying trigonometry to solve problems, setting up and solving systems of equations and inequalities, and analyzing functions. The topic of "complex numbers" was reported being assessed by a majority of states, as well as "summarizing and interpreting data", and half the states reported assessing "transformational geometry".

Three of the six states that assessed high school math with ACT reported assessing three of the selected topics, and additionally reported on assessing "coordinate and plane geometry" and  "complex numbers". Additional state-reported topics were ratios, rates and proportional relationships (for SAT states) and understanding concept of a function (Smarter Balanced states).

Additional Information on High School Math Topics