State specialists were asked to report on the percentage of assessment points for the state grade 5 assessment for seven topics selected from the CCSS-M plus one state-reported topic. Grade 5 was selected because it functions as a transition from elementary to middle grades math. Most of the reporting states referred to their assessment blueprint to report the percentages. States with computer-adaptive testing systems reported a percentage range of points per topic, because the testing path could be different for different students.

Mathematics Topics on Grade 5 Assessment, 2017-18: Topic by Percentage of total points

The data in the linked table show that states using the PARCC 3-8 math assessments reported higher percentages on the first four topics listed (numerical expressions, add/subtract fractions, multiply/divide fractions, multi-digit numbers) than states using Smarter Balanced or other state assessments. Smarter Balanced states reported higher percentages on the topics "graph in the first quadrant" and "classify two-dimensional figures by properties" than other reporting states. However, some states did not report that this topic is covered in their assessment. Most reporting states included an additional topic for grade 5, e.g., place value and algebraic thinking (AZ), convert measurement units (CA) and represent and interpret data (CT).