Mathematics Standards

Under current ESSA legislation, states are reporting on “College and Career Readiness Standards” for their state and the indicators that are being used to track progress of students in relation to these standards. The NORC assessment policy reporting system set out to address the question of the alignment of state standards and math assessments to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (NGA/CCSSO, 2010). The survey item for state education agencies asked about the policy position of the state regarding the state standards for math and the CCSS-M.

State Policy on Mathematics Standards: Relation to Common Core (CSSS-M) 2017-18 

The results for 2017-18 show that 17 of the 49 reporting agencies have state mathematics standards that are the same as the Common Core Standards for Math and 24 states' math standards are similar, i.e. have minor revisions in comparison to CCSS-M. Five state reported  that their standards are different from the CCSS-M, and in three states the math standards were developed separately from the CCSS-M.

State Mathematics Content Standards Weblinks, 2017-18