State science specialists reported on their states’ plans for new science assessments, many aligned to NGSS or NRC Framework. The table below includes information on the grades planned for elementary or middle level science assessments and if the assessments will be designed to assess grade-specific content or designed to be cumulative to the grade. Plans for summative high school assessments indicate if the assessment will be end of course or a comprehensive assessment given at a specific grade. 

  • For elementary and middle school science summative assessments, 24 states plan to use assessments that are cumulative across grade spans, while 11 states plan to use assessments that are grade-level specific.
  • For high school science summative assessments, 25 states plan to use comprehensive assessments, while 14 plan to use end-of-course assessments.

State Plans for New Science Summative Assessments, 2017-18: Type and Grade Level