The NORC online reporting system includes assessments that are supported by the state but are not required statewide, i.e., assessments that are developed and made available as an option for local district or school decision on application. The state-supported assessments include assessments at the K–2 grade levels, diagnostic assessments, formative assessments, benchmark assessments, and high school level assessments. The high school assessments include end of course tests, AP exams, or college or career readiness tests such as the ACT or SAT.

Formative Assessment Initiatives

Listed below are names and brief descriptions of science and math formative assessment initiatives. State education agency staff were asked to list the types of formative initiatives that are being supported or led from the state level, and intended for use at the classroom level to improve and expand the forms of student assessment and use of assessments by teachers.

State Formative Assessment initiatives Mathematics, 2017-18 

State Formative Assessment initiatives Science, 2017-18 

Other State Math and Science Assessment support

Kindergarten to Grade 2 Assessments, Mathematics, 2017-18 

Kindergarten to Grade 2 Assessments, Science, 2017-18 

Many states have provided support for benchmark or interim assessments that districts can choose to implement. The online report did not track how the assessments are administered by districts or how the data are used locally. Also reported are high school assessments that are an option for students often financially supported by state or local districts, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams. Several states also reported on participation in international math and science assessments that are conducted with samples of schools and students. The NORC online reporting does not include NAEP math assessments, which are required under federal law, or NAEP science assessments, which are an option used by most states.

Additional Mathematics Assessments, Grades 3-8, supported by state

Additional Mathematics Assessments, High School, supported by state

Additional Science Assessments, Grades 3-8, -supported by state

Additional Science Assessments, High School, supported by state