StateName of AssessmentExample of Use to Inform Instruction/Curriculum
AlabamaACT with WritingCollege and Career Readiness
ArkansasACT AspireAs a college and career ready assessment, schools look at results and modify curriculum to address weaknesses shown in student performance.
ColoradoCMAS: ScienceLocally-determined
ConnecticutConnecticut Academic Performance Test in ScienceSchool districts use the results of the assessment to support decisions and policies about curriculum, instruction and professional development.
IndianaISTEP+ Grade 10 ScienceSchools can locally determine how they would use this assessment to inform instruction.
KansasKansas Assessment Program (KAP)This is a local decision.
KentuckyACTACT Profile reports provide subscore data.
MississippiACTData from the ACT allow schools/districts to assess how their students are performing on the four performance areas which can serve as a guide for instructional planning.
NebraskaACTLocal districts have aligned curriculum to ACT benchmarks.
North DakotaNorth Dakota State AssessmentThis is determined at the state level. LEAs may use the assessment results to inform instruction/curriculum.
OklahomaACT (only required for districts who select ACT for High School)Some teachers use the data from assessments to drive instructional practices.
OklahomaGrade 11 Science Content (CCRA)Districts were provided with district-level statistical data to inform programmatic decisions.
South DakotaSouth Dakota Science Assessment (SDSA)Local Control
VermontVermont Science Assessment (VTSA)Systems monitoring and improvement
WashingtonWashington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS)Districts and schools may choose to use the assessment as one piece of information to inform instruction/curriculum. For example, strand scores analyzed at aggregate levels can provide finer-grained information than scale scores. However, districts and schools are cautioned that these scores are less reliable than scale scores.
West VirginiaWV General Summative Assessment / SAT School DayLocal decision

Notes: For each state-administered, comprehensive Science assessment, High School, state respondents were asked "Was this assessment used to inform instruction/curriculum?" and if "Yes, please provide one example of intended use" as well as "What is the state policy on taking and re-taking EOC assessments?"