StateDescription of Initiatives
AlaskaAlaska has begun work regarding Balanced Assessment Systems - this includes formative assessment for all content areas.
ArkansasWe do not have a formal initiative but we are providing training and support for districts to embed the formative assessment process in instruction and to use data from other assessments for formative purposes.
CaliforniaAwareness campaign.
DelawareState has always promoted good instructional practices in many different PD or grants (Math Coalition or MSP grants). Smarter Digital Library has excellent vetted resources for what Formative in the Classroom look like (all grades).
FloridaThe Mathematics Formative Assessment System (MFAS) is currently available on the CPALMS website to support grades K through Algebra and Geometry.
HawaiiTeacher trainings on interim assessments
IdahoOfferings through the SBAC Digital Library
IndianaFormative assessment grant available to all schools for Grades K-10. Funding is allocated annually.
KansasWe are part of a consortium of states participating in an Enhanced Learning Maps grant for formative assessment. Also participate in FAST SCASS.
LouisianaEAGLE is an assessment item bank teachers, districts may use formatively. Department-created Guidebooks also offer assessments that may be used in the classroom, formatively. The state has developed diagnostic and interim tests (LEAP 360) as well.
MaineFunded by Title II, every content area is developing a network of leaders to support effective use of formative assessment.
MississippiThrough a regional services model, MDE offers teachers professional development opportunities on a variety of mathematics curriculum topics throughout the year.
NebraskaIt has been proposed to be part of our assessment system starting in 2018.
North CarolinaIn pilot phase of classroom through-year assessments
OklahomaThe state is currently in the planning stages of developing a lesson study protocol in which school districts could use the TRU Mathematics Framework to better understand grade level content and create well-aligned formative assessments and tasks.
OregonOregon Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (OFAST)
PennsylvaniaAssessment Builder / CDT
Rhode IslandThe RIDE website includes a series of formative assessment professional development PD modules that were developed with Race to the Top money. They are several years old and are general in nature, not specifically geared to mathematics.
South DakotaDigital Library resources and training
UtahSAGE Benchmark Modules and SAGE Interim Assessments
VermontSee Smarter Balanced Digital Library
West VirginiaKhan Academy and the WV TREE (Online resource bank)
WisconsinWe're supporting work with a comprehensive and strategic system of assessments - and