StateDescription of Initiative
ArkansasArkansas is a member of the ACESSE NSF grant which focuses on 3-D formative assessment in the classroom.
CaliforniaSenate Bill 544 -- establishes a process for identifying and evaluating locally developed formative assessments tools. The department shall prioritize formative assessment tools aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.
DelawareNGSS lead teachers are creating formative items for an item bank to be used by all LEAs.
District of ColumbiaPD of science educators on how to develop science assessments for formative use
HawaiiDevelop interim assessments in grades 3-8 and Biology
IdahoRecommendations to support staff with formative assessment development during the implementation of new standards
IllinoisThrough item development training for educators to write 3D items for the summative assessment and transfer those skills for formative assessment.
IowaWe are working with CSSS through the ACESSE grant to provide professional development on science classroom assessment.
KansasProjects to create examples of formative and summative classroom assessments as well as professional development to support educators and district leaders using ACESSE resources.
KentuckyFor 2017-18, there are currently two MSP projects looking at formative assessment processes/practices and developing classroom-embedded assessments aligned to classroom learning intentions.
MaineTitle II Teacher Professional Development on Formative Assessment
MichiganThere are several programs currently supported by the state NGSX, FAME, etc.
MinnesotaProfessional development in formative and classroom assessments and their connection to standards-based grading.
MontanaIn-person and online professional development.
New HampshireWe have a waiver currently using performance assessments with our PACE initiative. That has fostered formative assessments in other districts as well.
OklahomaThe Office of Curriculum and Instruction as well as the Office of Assessment will be supporting districts with professional development and supporting documents on formative assessment strategies for 3D learning as well as working with districts to create sample assessments.
OregonFormative assessment professional learning resources, including OFAST, can be found on Oregon's Student Centered Assessment Professional Learning Resources webpage:"
PennsylvaniaClassroom Diagnostic Tools - online formative assessment for use in 4 - 8 science and biology.
South DakotaAdvancing Coherence and Equity in Systems of Science Education (NSF EHR Core Research Grant)
UtahFormative assessment grant through CSSS collaboration.
West VirginiaKhan Academy and WV TREE
WisconsinWe're emphasizing strategic assessment systems. See this blog post and previous posts for some examples - and
WyomingWY is in a grant (SCILLSS) with NE and MT. WY also has a school improvement initiative focused on improving formative assessments (delivered by Marzano Research) but not specifically for science.