StateName of AssessmentMulti-choice, Single AnswerMulti-choice, Multi-answerMatch TablesDrag/DropTable Fill-inGrid PointsGraphingEquation/ NumericHot SpotShort AnswerExtended Answer
CaliforniaSmarter Balanced Summative Assessment30-40*0-5*10-20*0-5*5-10*0*5-10*20-30*10-15*10-15*0-5*
District of ColumbiaPARCC EOC Geometry25-4025-40555--551525
FloridaAlgebra 1 EOC63522221010220
HawaiiSmarter Balanced30-400-510-200-55-1005-1020-3010-1510-150-5 (perf task)
IdahoIdaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) by Smarter Balanced30-400-510-200-55-1005-1020-3010-1510-150-5
IndianaISTEP+ Grade 1058*-9*9*9*--5*--10*
IowaIowa Assessments100*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*
MassachusettsNot reported53--------740
MinnesotaMinnesota Comprehensive Assessment Series-III (MCA III)85-960-150-150-15000-1500-150-150
MississippiAlgebra I62778000-0160
New HampshireSAT78----22-----
New MexicoAlgebra II EOC100----------
New YorkRegents Examination in Algebra I5600000000377
North CarolinaAll NCFE courses100----------
North DakotaSmarter Balanced30-400-510-200-55-1005-1020-3010-1510-150-5
OklahomaCollege and Career Ready Assessment (CCRA)78*0*0*0*0*22*0*0*0*0*0*
PennsylvaniaAlgebra Keystone Exam60*0*0*0*0*0*--0*0*40*
Rhode IslandPSAT 1078----22-----
South DakotaSBAC30-400-510-200-55-1005-1020-3010-1510-150-5
TexasNot reported91*----9*-----
UtahSecondary III Mathematics5010-----30-00
VermontSmarter Balanced30-40--0-5--5-1020-3010-1510-150-5
VirginiaAlgebra I80-85002-7002-702-72-70
WashingtonSmarter Balanced40-605-150-100-50-500-510-200-50-50-5
West VirginiaWest Virginia General Summative Assessment / SAT School Day78*0*0*0*0*22*0*0*0*0*0*
WisconsinACT Plus Writing (Mathematics)100----------

* State reported on percentage of items/tasks on assessment, instead of percentage of assessment points.

Mathematics item types

  1. Multiple choice, single correct response – This item type provides a list of answer options for students to choose, and students can only select one option.
  2. Multiple choice, multiple correct responses – This item type provides a list of answer options for students to choose, and students select one or more options.
  3. Matching tables – This item type displays a table that students complete by matching options to statements, figures, or other stimuli.
  4. Drag and drop – This item type provides objects that students place or move to provide an answer.
  5. Table Fill In – This item type presents a partially completed table that students complete by typing in their answers in the empty cells in the table.
  6. Gridded response – This item type requires students to fill in their answers on response grids. The answers may be whole numbers, decimals, or fractions.
  7. Graphing –This item type provides a coordinate grid and students are to create an answer on the grid, possibly using a number of tools (e.g., Connect Line, Add Point)
  8. Equation/Numeric – This item type provides a numeric keypad and/or mathematical symbols that students use to enter an answer a numeric response or mathematical equation.
  9. Hot Spot – This item type presents statements, figures, or other stimuli to students on which they click to answer a question.
  10. Short answer – This item type provides a text box for the student to freely type or write a short response.
  11. Extended answer – This item type requires students to provide an extended response.

Note: For states with computer-adaptive testing, a range of percentages are reported per item type since the assessment varies by student.