StateName of AssessmentMulti-choice, Single AnswerMulti-choice, Multi-answerMatching TablesDrag/DropFill-in BlankHot SpotShort AnswerExtended ResponseInteractive Computer TasksSimulationHands-on TasksGridded Response
AlaskaAlaska Science Assessment90*0*0*0*0*0*0*10*0*0*0*0*
ArizonaAIMS Science100*-----------
CaliforniaCalifornia Science Test20-25*20-25*10-12*1-5*8-10*20-25*0*5-10*1-5*1-5*0*1-5*
ConnecticutConnecticut Academic Performance Test in Science80000000200000
FloridaBiology 1100-----------
IdahoEnd of Course Chemistry or Biology100-----------
IllinoisNot reported64*5*-----19*----
IndianaISTEP+ Science Grade 1044*0*1*2*2*0*4*1*0*0*0*0*
IowaIowa Assessments10000000000000
MaineMaine Educational Assessments (MEA)91*-----9*-----
MinnesotaScience MCA-III EOC5010015515000500
MississippiSubject Area Testing Program, Second Edition (SATP2)100-----------
NevadaNot reported100-----------
New MexicoChemistry EOC100-----------
New YorkRegents Examination in Living Environment61*0*0*0*0*0*39*0*0*0*0*0*
North CarolinaBiology95*1.7*-3.3*--------
OklahomaGrade 11 Science Content CCRA94--3-3------
OregonOregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - Science95*---0*-0*0*0*0*0*-
PennsylvaniaBiology Keystone Exam730-0000270000
South DakotaN/A100-----------
TexasNot reported100-----------
UtahSAGE Biology83*2.8*5.8*0*0*0*2*0*0*0*0*5.5*
VirginiaEarth Science80-85002-70-52-7000000
West VirginiaWest Virginia General Summative Assessment / SAT School Day78*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*22*
WisconsinACT Plus Writing (Science)100-----------
Wyoming10th Grade WY-TOPP Summative test for 10th grade using legacy items from another vendor until 2020.10000000000000

* State reported on percentage of items/tasks on assessment, instead of percentage of assessment points.

Comments from States:

WY2018 test is moving to WY-TOPP for 10th graders, 11th graders continue ACT.
UTAll options above are part of assessment. With computer adaptive testing, students see different percentages of item types based on standards and proficiency. Blueprints located here:

SB1: Science Assessment: Types of Items (2017-18)

  1. Multiple choice, single correct response – This item type provides a list of answer options for students to choose, and students can only select one option.
  2. Multiple choice, multiple correct responses – This item type provides a list of answer options for students to choose, and students select one or more options.
  3. Matching tables – This item type displays a table that students complete by matching options to statements, figures, or other stimuli.
  4. Drag and drop – This item type provides objects that students place or move to provide an answer.
  5. Fill in the blank– This item type requires students to use the keyboard to type their answer into a blank box provided in the item.
  6. Hot Spot – This item type presents statements, figures, or other stimuli to students on which they click to answer a question.
  7. Short answer – This item type provides a text box for the student to freely type or write a short response.
  8. Extended response – This item type provides a scenario-based problem that requires students to provide an extended response.
  9. Interactive computer tasks –This item type requires students to interact with the item, and to provide an answer based on the item interactions.
  10. Simulation –  This item type provides students with a simulated experiment and ask students about the procedures and results of the experiment.
  11. Hands-on tasks – Students are asked to use materials and laboratory equipment to perform actual science experiments to in order to test a hypothesis.
  12. Gridded response – This item type requires students to fill in their answers on response grids. The answers may be whole numbers, decimals, or fractions.