StatePlans for new state science assessments?Year operationalCollaboration with other statesComments/clarifications
ArkansasNo--We are working with the Center for Assessment to develop science competencies for assessment and eventually performance tasks.
CaliforniaYes2019Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Kentucky, and other CCSSO member statesCalifornia Science Test (CAST) will be operational in 2019 and California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science will be operational in 2020. We have been sharing item development ideas with Washington State.
ConnecticutYes2018-2019WA, UT, HI, WVCT plans to administer NGSS-aligned assessments in spring 2019.
DelawareYes2019NoWe are working to develop an assessment SYSTEM not a single assessment as has been done in the past. This is still in development stage.
District of ColumbiaYes2019NoCurrently planning on the development of a new science assessment system.
FloridaNo--No current plans to develop new state Science assessments.
GeorgiaNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
HawaiiYes2019DE, CT, OR, WA, WV, others to some extentTest and item specifications being developed; blueprints to be developed within the coming year.
IdahoYes2021CT, UT, HA, RI, OR, WV, WY, VT 
IllinoisNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
IowaYes2019NoIn March 2018, the Iowa legislature determined that state tests for ELA, math, and science will be developed by Iowa Testing Programs and administered by a vendor of their choice. These new assessments will be administered for the first time in spring of 2019.
KansasYes2017Not reportedContinual improvements to the 2017 assessment created for our 2013 Kansas Curricular Standards for Science Education.
KentuckyYes2018NoWe are using a system of science assessments to include classroom-embedded, through-course and state summative, as defined the BOTA report. The statewide science assessments at grade 4 and 7 were operational in spring 2018 with a field test administered at high school. The statewide science assessment for high school is scheduled to be operational in spring 2019.
LouisianaYes2019No[In reference to collaboration with other states:] We are collaborating in the thinking of science assessment design. Nothing further at this time.
MaineYes2021NoWe have had some discussions with RI, NH, VT, but will likely not collaborate out of the gate. We have a long-standing and positive rapport with Measured Progress and have been creating some NGSS-like items for several years now. This year (2017) some NGSS clusters will field test.
MarylandYes2019No2018 was a field test year for our high school science assessment.
MassachusettsYesNot reportedNoGrade 5 and 8: April-May 2019; Tentative High School date: June 2020
MissouriNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
MontanaYes2021Nebraska, WyomingWe are a member state of SCILLSS.
NebraskaYes2021EAG with Wyoming and Montana; SCASS states (MI in particular)Working on system of assessments.
New HampshireYes2019We were...but are now issuing our own RFPWe include the science in with math and ELA.
New JerseyNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
New MexicoYes2020We are talking with many states, including Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Kentucky 
New YorkNo--Plans for new assessments are not yet finalized.
North CarolinaNo-- 
North DakotaYes2020No 
OhioNo--State assessments will be realigned to revised standards when they are adopted by our State Board of Education.
OklahomaYes2017No2017-2018 Grade 11 CCRA was a field test that incorporated physical science and life science standards for the first time in Oklahoma. Cluster based format assessing individual performance expectations, some technology enhanced items and paired multiple choice items are used.
OregonYes2019WV, RI, VT, UT, HI, WY, CT, IDThe 2018-2019 Science Assessment is currently scheduled to be an operational field test.
Rhode IslandYes2019CT, HI, ID, OR, UT, VT,WV, WY 
South CarolinaNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
South DakotaYes2019NoThis assessment phases in items that align with our transitional blue prints.
TennesseeYes2018We are part of the SPA-LC learning collaborative through CCSSO.We will be field testing in all grades in 2018-19 and be operational in 2019-20
TexasNot reportedNot reportedNot reported 
UtahYes2020CT, WV, HI, VT, RI, OR, ID, WYUtah has developed cluster based assessment for grades 6 - 8. The collaborating states are part of a cluster sharing agreement and we work together to make sure our clusters can be shared and aligned to each states' standards.
VermontYes2018Rhode IslandTest is being field tested
WashingtonYes2018West Virginia, Hawaii, ConnecticutWA plans to administer comprehensive science assessments in Grade 5 (3-5 band of standards), Grade 8 (middle school band of standards) and High School (high school band of standards).
West VirginiaNo-Hawaii, Washington, Connecticut, Utah, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon 
WisconsinYes2019NoThe transition to a new state science assessment is a gradual process with new items being field tested each year. By 2019 we expect to have all items on the exam aligned to the new standards.
WyomingYes2021CT, HI, ID, NH, OR, RI, UT, VT, WV