StateHigh School AssessmentGrades AdministeredComprehensive (Comp) or End of Course (EOC)School AccountabilityRequired for Graduation
AlaskaPerformance Evaluation for Alaska's Schools9CompYesNo
ArizonaAZ MeritNot reportedCompYesNo
ArizonaAlgebra I, Alg. II, Geometry EOCYesNo
ArkansasACT Aspire9, 10CompYesNo
CaliforniaSmarter Balanced 11CompNoNo
ColoradoNot reported10CompNoNo
ColoradoNot reported9CompYesNo
ColoradoSAT Suite of Assessments9CompYesNo
ColoradoAlgebra I, Geometry, Integrated I, Integrated II EOCYesNo
DelawarePSAT9, 10CompNoNo
District of ColumbiaPARCC EOC Geometry EOCYesNo
District of ColumbiaPARCC EOC Integrated Math II EOCYesNo
FloridaAlgebra 1 EOCYesYes
FloridaGeometry EOCYesNo
GeorgiaAlgebra I or Coordinate Algebra EOCYesYes
GeorgiaGeometry or Analytic Geometry EOCYesYes
HawaiiSmarter Balanced11CompYesNo
HawaiiAlgebra I, Algebra II EOCNoNo
IdahoIdaho Standards Achievement Test by Smarter Balanced10CompYesNo
IndianaISTEP+ Grade 10 Mathematics10CompYesYes
IndianaISTEP+ Algebra I End-of-Course Assessment EOCNoYes
IowaIowa Assessments10, 11CompYesNo
KansasKansas Assessment Program (KAP)10CompYesNo
KentuckyThe ACT11CompYesNo
KentuckyKentucky End-of-Course Field Test - Algebra II EOCNoNo
LouisianaLEAP 2025 EOCYesYes
MaineCollege Board SAT11CompYesNo
MassachusettsMassachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System10CompYesYes
MinnesotaMinnesota Comprehensive Assessments, Series III (MCA-III)11CompYesNo
MississippiMississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP)-Algebra I EOCYesYes
MissouriMissouri Assessment Program: End-of-Course EOCYesNo
NevadaACT11CompYesNot reported
NevadaMathematics I and II EOCNoNo
New HampshirePerformance Assessment for Competency Education9, 10CompYesNo
New HampshireSAT11CompYesNo
New JerseyPARCC9, 10, 11, 12CompNot reportedNot reported
New MexicoAlgebra I End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New MexicoAlgebra II End-of-Course EOCNoYes
New MexicoFinancial Literacy End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New MexicoGeometry End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New MexicoIntegrated Math II End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New MexicoIntegrated Math III End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New MexicoPARCC Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Integrated Math III EOCYesYes
New MexicoPre-Calculus End-of-Course EOCNoNo
New YorkRegents Examinations (Algebra I & II and Geometry) EOCYesYes
North CarolinaACT11CompYesNo
North CarolinaMath I EOCYesNo
North DakotaNorth Dakota State Assessment - Mathematics10CompYesNo
OhioAlgebra 1 EOCYesYes
OhioGeometry EOCYesYes
OhioMathematics 1 EOCYesYes
OhioMathematics 2 EOCYesYes
OklahomaCollege and Career Readiness Assessment (SAT or ACT)11CompYesNo
OregonSmarter Balanced11CompYesNo
PennsylvaniaAlgebra I EOCYesYes
PennsylvaniaAlgebra II EOCNoNo
PennsylvaniaGeometry EOCNoNo
Rhode IslandPSAT1010CompYesNo
Rhode IslandSAT School Day11CompYesNo
South CarolinaACT or SAT11CompNot reportedNo
South CarolinaAlgebra 1 EOCYesNo
South DakotaSmarter Balanced11CompYesNo
TennesseeACT Plan9CompNoNo
TennesseeAlgebra I EOCYesNo
TennesseeAlgebra II EOCYesNo
TennesseeGeometry EOCNoNo
TennesseeIntegrated Math I EOCNoNo
TennesseeIntegrated Math II EOCNoNo
TennesseeIntegrated Math III EOCNoNo
TexasTexas Assessment of Knowledge and SkillsNot reportedCompNot reportedYes
TexasAlgebra I EOCYesYes
UtahSecondary I EOCYesNo
UtahSecondary II EOCYesNo
UtahSecondary III EOCYesNo
VermontSmarter Balanced11CompNoNo
VirginiaAlgebra I, Algebra II, Geometry EOCYesYes
WashingtonSmarter Balanced10CompYesYes
WashingtonYear 1 End-of-Course Exit Exam EOCNoYes
WashingtonYear 2 End-of-Course Exit Exam EOCNoYes
West VirginiaWV General Summative Assessment / SAT School Day11CompYesNo
West VirginiaWest Virginia General Summative Assessment / SBAC11CompYesNo
WisconsinACT Aspire9, 10CompNoNo
WisconsinACT WorkKeys11CompNoNo
WisconsinACT with writing11CompYesNo
WyomingWyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress (WY-TOPP)9, 10CompYesNo
Total 52 Comp; 46 EOC 

Survey Questions: Report most advanced comprehensive or EOC HS mathematics assessment taken by most students--Assessment used for school accountability? ‚ÄčAssessment required for high school graduation?