(Plans reported as of June 2018)

StateType of Elementary/Middle School AssessmentGrades AssessedType of High School AssessmentGrade First Assessed (if Comprehensive)/ Subject Assessed (if EOC)
AlabamaNot yet specified3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Not yet specified-
AlaskaNot yet specified4, 8Comprehensive10
ArizonaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
ArkansasNot yet specifiedGrades not specifiedNot yet specified-
CaliforniaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Neither Comprehensive or EOCThe assessment will be given at grade that student completes science coursework in high school.
ColoradoNot yet specified5, 8ComprehensiveNot reported
ConnecticutCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
DelawareSpecific grade-level content5, 8End-of-CourseBiology
District of ColumbiaCumulative across grade-span5, 8End-of-CourseBiology
GeorgiaSpecific grade-level content5, 8End-of-CourseBiology, Physical Science
HawaiiCumulative across grade-span5, 8End-of-CourseBiology 1
IdahoCumulative across grade-span5, 8ComprehensiveProposed to administer in grade 11 but not finalized
IndianaSpecific grade-level content4, 6End-of-CourseBiology
IowaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive10
KansasCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
KentuckyCumulative across grade-span4, 7End-of-CourseStatewide field test completed in Biology in spring 2018, but final decision of a comprehensive or EOC assessment is not finalized for 2018-19.
LouisianaSpecific grade-level content3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8End-of-CourseBiology
MaineCumulative across grade-span5, 8ComprehensiveAdministered the 3rd year of high school.
MarylandCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive10 or 11 depending on courses taken
MassachusettsCumulative across grade-span5, 8End-of-CourseTo be determined, will have Biology and Introductory Physics
MichiganCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
MinnesotaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Not yet specified-
MississippiSpecific grade-level content5, 8End-of-CourseBiology I
MontanaNot yet specified4, 8Not yet specified-
NebraskaCumulative across grade-span5, 8End-of-CourseBy legislative statute, our HS exam must be a college admissions test. We currently have a contract with ACT.
NevadaSpecific grade-level content5, 8Comprehensive10
New HampshireCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
New MexicoCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
New YorkNot yet specified5, 8End-of-CourseNot reported
North CarolinaNot yet specifiedGrades not specifiedNot yet specified-
North DakotaNot yet specified4, 8ComprehensiveNot reported
OhioSpecific grade-level content5, 8End-of-CourseBiology
OklahomaSpecific grade-level content5, 8Comprehensive11
OregonCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
Pennsylvania--Not yet specified-
Rhode IslandCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
South DakotaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
TennesseeSpecific grade-level content3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8End-of-CourseBiology
UtahSpecific grade-level content6, 7, 8Comprehensive9
VermontCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
VirginiaNot yet specifiedGrades not specifiedEnd-of-CourseEarth Science, Biology, Chemistry currently and this may change.
WashingtonCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
West VirginiaCumulative across grade-span5, 8Comprehensive11
WisconsinCumulative across grade-span4, 8Comprehensive11
WyomingSpecific grade-level content4, 8ComprehensiveModified comprehensive of selected performance expectations administered in 10th grade