StateName of AssessmentState Policy on Re-takes/Comments
AlaskaPerformance Evaluation for Alaska's SchoolsNo policy
ArkansasACTStudents are allowed to take the ACT once as a Junior paid for by the state.
ArkansasACT AspireAR students enrolled in grade 9 or 10 take the math test. If a student repeats a grade, they will take that assessment again.
CaliforniaSmarter BalancedSmarter Balanced Assessment taken once in grade 11.
ConnecticutSATStudents in Grade 11 are required to take the SAT. Students may retake the SAT in Grade 12 (not paid for by the state).
DelawarePSATAs students prepare for the spring SAT, a partnership with Khan Academy and the College Board offers personalized SAT preparation based on students' PSAT results. Delaware provides the PSAT free to all public school 10th graders.
HawaiiSmarter BalancedAllowed only for special circumstances
IdahoIdaho Standards Achievement Test by Smarter Bal.If a student does not take the test in tenth grade, he/she has one opportunity to take the test in the eleventh grade.
IndianaISTEP+ Grade 10 MathematicsStudents may retake the exam up to three times per school year (winter, spring, summer) until passed; must participate at least once per year to be eligible for waiver.
KansasKansas Assessment Program (KAP)There is no retakes as it is not a promotion or graduation requirement.
KentuckyACTThe ACT is administered one time to all 11th grade students in March of each year.
LouisianaACTThe highest score achieved by the end of the 12th grade year is used for accountability purposes. Louisiana only pays for an initial test. Any additional tests are done at the expense of the school, districts, or parents.
MaineSATAll 3rd year high school students are required to take the Maine State SAT on the test date or make-up date. The national SAT is not part of the state accountability system. Participation in the national SAT is not counted toward participation in the Maine State SAT.
MarylandPARCC"Maryland High School Assessments" means the HSA, PARCC, or other assessments in algebra, science, English, and government developed or adopted by the Maryland State Department of Education that are aligned with and measure a student's skills and knowledge as set forth in the Maryland Standards for those subjects. See COMAR 13A.03.02.02.
MassachusettsMassachusetts Comprehensive Assessment SystemWe offer 2 retests per year. Students are allowed to retake the test as many times as necessary.
MichiganSATOne retake only if student was not available to take initial administration.
MinnesotaMinnesota Comprehensive Assessments, Series III (MCA-III)There are no retakes for this assessment.
MississippiACTAll juniors are required to take the ACT.
NebraskaACTNo state retakes
NevadaACTNo retaking.
North CarolinaACTThere is one make-up day if the student was absent on the initial test day.
North DakotaNorth Dakota State Assessment - MathematicsThe only state requirement is to take the NDSA in grade 10. There are no re-take options.
OklahomaCollege and Career Readiness Assessment (SAT or ACT)Participation is required for Accountability. Re-takes are not provided by the state.
OregonSmarter BalancedThe High School grade of accountability is 11th grade. 12th graders who have not met the achievement standard may retest to meet Essential Skills requirements.
Rhode IslandPSAT10, SAT School DayStudents do not retake high school assessments.
South DakotaSBACNo Retakes
UtahACTThe ACT is required for all 11th grade students in Utah. Parents may opt their students out of the test.
VermontSmarter BalancedNo retakes. This assessment will be used for accountability in the future, but during the 2015-16 we are reporting results but not making accountability determinations.
WashingtonSmarter BalancedDue to July 2017 legislation, the accountability grade for Washington mathematics test shifted to grade 10, from grade 11. Students in grade 10, starting in the 2017-18 school year, are required, for federal accountability, to take the comprehensive assessment. Students who do not earn a level 3 or wish to increase their score may retake the assessment twice each year.
West VirginiaWest Virginia General Summative Assessment / SBACStudents in WV do not retake the summative assessments.
WisconsinACT Aspire9th and 10th grade students are required to take the ACT Aspire assessment in 9th and 10th grades. There is no re-take option.
WisconsinACT WorkKeysAll 11th grade students are required to take this exam. There are no re-takes for this exam unless a student decides to pay to do so.
WisconsinACT with writing11th grade students are required to take the ACT + Writing assessment. There is no re-take option that the state pays for, but students can choose to do that on their own (though it will not count as part of the school accountability system).
WyomingACTThe state requires that each student one opportunity to take this assessment during the spring of their junior year.