Two issues related to reporting state assessment results have been identified as key issues for state decision-makers: Release of Assessment Items/Tasks and Timing of Reporting for different user groups.

Release of Assessment Items/tasks. One method of providing educators with additional information and professional development regarding assessments is to release assessment items or tasks. The survey results on item release are reported by state and subject. Reviewing the data for 2017-18, about half the states release test items that have been used to the public or provide test sample items or practice tests for use by teachers.

Science Assessment Items/Tasks Made Available to the Public by the State, 2017-18 

Mathematics Assessment Items/Tasks Made Available to the Public by the state, 2017-18 

  • Twenty-four states reported releasing science items to the public but seven of these only released them to teachers.
  • Twenty-nine states reported releasing math items to the public, but six of these only released them to teachers.

Reporting Assessment Results. States release and report student assessment results to different types of users at several time periods during the months after student testing, generally in spring of a school year. The reports have three primary audiences: a) use of data by teachers, b) review by students and parents, and c) school accountability. The month when the assessment results are reported for each purpose was collected for each state.

Reporting Assessment Results, 2017-18 

The state level information on reporting student assessments results can be summarized as follows:

  • One model used by states is to report results to students/parents and teachers shortly after the testing is completed in May or June, with final reports provided in the fall after review and approval by the state board.
  • Other states provide results to teachers/schools in the early summer and to students/parents in the fall.
  • School accountability reports are provided to the public by most states from August to October following spring assessments.

The amount of time between administration of tests to students and the scoring, analysis, and reporting of results is one of the primary reasons for state policies to favor computer-based assessments and use of computers in scoring and tabulation of results. NORC will conduct further analysis of state reporting models and identify specific features of state reporting websites that support and assist educators and users of the assessment results. The format and design of school report cards and other ways that assessment results are provided to different types of users are important topics for further review and analysis. The main web links for assessments and reporting are provided in the following table.

State Student Assessment webpage links, 2017-18